Retro Martini Night

Few things make a house yours in my opinion than throwing your first awesome party or event. We’ve actually done a few things in the last several months – the Good Friday Sushi Feast, and a birthday or two. But Retro Martini Night was the coming out party. Somewhere between 50 and 60 folks showed up, including most of our neighbors, our family and a whole bunch of friends, to both check out the house, meet us, and have a great time. Many broke out their best duds and came dressed up. We had a special menu of martinis for the night, and the last person left just before 3am. Sounds like success to me.

Funny story: later in the week I was talking to our awesome neighbors next door who couldn’t make it because they had family in from Connecticut. The husband was telling me that they heard the music (we had the windows open) which was a relief because they had thought it was Friday but the house was dark, so at first they thought we threw a party…and no one came. At one point later in the evening, now knowing the party was really going on, he was outside and took a peek from their driveway into our picture window (similar shot below) – he asked if I was wearing an all black suit because he saw someone whip off their suit jacket and tie, then slide on their knees across the living floor to the music. I explained that that would have to be our buddy Mick Mastroianni. He may have gone to stunt school (not kidding) and currently he and his brother Mason (who was also there) draw the well-known comic strips B.C. and Wizard of Id, both started by their grandfather Johnny Hart, as well as The Dogs of C-Kennel.

Penance for such a great event was paid in cleaning the living room floor the next day. Ouch. A special thanks to our friend Mike Duke for taking great photos (there are a few interspersed iPhone camera shots as well.)

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