Monthly Archives: August 2013

Going to the Chapel…

It’s been a few weeks since we last posted an update, but for good reason. First, there was some update to WordPress and the NextGen gallery tool – and now it won’t let me upload images to it. Pretty annoying and I haven’t figured it out yet. I have a great post with the house plans all ready to go, but can’t put the gallery into it yet. Soon it shall be posted.

But, more importantly – this blog is now hosted by Douglas and Mary Grace Camin! We got married on August 10th. Family from across the country came and we had lots of people at the house. My brother and sister and their families crashed the house here for a week, we hosted a spectacular catered (by Antonio’s Galleria and Cafe) rehearsal dinner for 40 Friday night at the house, got married on Saturday (the church was great and the Owego Treadway did an awesome job with a reception for 175), then hosted people again Sunday morning for brunch throughout the afternoon. I’m pretty sure this house hasn’t seen activity like that since perhaps my parents were married in 1976.

We’re spending this week in Waikiki, Hawaii and taking a bit of a break before jumping back into the grind.

In the back of Robin Alpaugh's 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible, our chariot for the afternoon.

In the back of Robin Alpaugh’s 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible, our chariot for the afternoon.