In late 2012, my wife Mary Grace and I were given a very unique opportunity: we purchased the mid-century house that was designed and built by my Grandfather in 1958 in the small upstate New York town of Owego. We moved from our large loft in the center of the nearby city of Binghamton, NY.

My grandfather, Arthur Rynkus, worked at the local IBM plant (now Lockheed Martin) for 33 years starting in 1951. In the late 1950’s, when his job was transferred to the then-new, nearby Owego plant, he sat down with pencil, ruler and vellum and drafted up his dream house. Construction began in late 1958, and they moved in Leap Day, 1960. The house is located in a beautiful neighborhood called Ridgewood high on a hill that was filled with his fellow IBMers building their dream houses as well.

My grandparents took care of the house very well – but after 52 years, there is work to be done. Mary Grace and I have been steadily restoring, repairing and replacing. We love great style and specifically love mid-century, and this house is a very classic example that we are restoring as original as practical. This blog chronicles many of the projects and lessons on that adventure.


Douglas Camin  CIO of Tioga County, NY by day, jack of random trades by evening and weekend.




Mary Grace Camin – Elementary Teacher by trade; co-conspirator, assistant and support to any and all projects the rest of the time.



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      1. Cyndi

        Hi, I cannot find the email you sent last year. If you still have it could you resend? Hope all is well with you. We enjoyed reading all the info and would like to share with other family members. Thanks, Cyndi

        1. Douglas Camin Post author

          Cyndi – I will make sure to re-send you the email! I am also going to send you some info about Aunt Grace. She saw your comments and asked me for more information.


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