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Every Day I’m Croquet-ing

While I cant compete with the totally sweet built-in Shuffleboard that Robert over at Live Better Electrically has, we have land, and an important requirement as a land baron is that one must have appropriate games to partake in so you can utilize those vast green expanses.

When we moved in, we found a nice Bocce set in the basement…pretty sure it was from 1983, I may even be able to find a picture of it in some of the albums or slides I have:

Bocce set from the 1980s...nice shorts dude.

Bocce set from the 1980s…John Ritter’s ghost called and wants his shorts back.

But no yard game group would be complete without the mother of all lawn games:

The all-new Croquet set

The all-new Croquet set

Huzzah! Croquet! Just picked this up today.

Mary and I get married in a few weeks (August 10th) and my brother and sister and their families (kids) will be staying with us. Pretty sure we’ll break this out a few times.

Of course if it’s rainy, we can always play with the Legos from my childhood that are in the basement (on the ping pong table) too:

The Sorting of the Legos...it's a little like the crushing of the grapes.

The Sorting of the Legos…it’s a little like the crushing of the grapes. Sort of.