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This last weekend was the Owego Historic Home Tour. As mentioned previously, our house was to be featured on the tour this year as part of a project to broaden out the tour geographically and bring in some different styles of homes to increase the potential pool of properties going forward. This was the first time a mid-century house had been featured, and there were a lot of great write-ups in local publications. The local Pennysaver (a free publication delivered to everyone in the area) had a very nice story, and the Arts Council played up our house and the others online and in print in the weeks leading up to the event.

The Owego Home Tour is comparatively small given the size of our community – the afternoon tour had about 150 participants, and the evening saw roughly the same. Our house was only featured on the afternoon tour, and we estimated that about half of the tour folks made the trek out of the village and up to see our house. Mary and I shared a lot of details – the house plans were laid out, we discussed our knowledge of the history and restoration work we’ve done to the property, and I periodically gave presentations showing events from the past of the house from its construction to pictures of my mother and aunts growing up (I have a number of family slides and pictures), including discussion of the neighborhood and how it came into being. Feedback from the tour attendees was that they loved it – so we’re looking forward to next year when hopefully we will be joined by one of the other great mid-century properties here in the Ridgewood neighborhood.

In the evening, I was the Art Council’s designated photographer for their event – pictures are sure to follow!

4 thoughts on “Home Tour Success

  1. Kelly Wittenauer

    Congratulations on a successful tour! Sounds like you made it a very interesting stop for the visitors, by sharing the history & restoration of the home.

  2. Douglas Camin Post author

    Thanks Kelly and Robert! We’re hopeful that we can rope a few of the others in for next year. I need to run around with my camera and snap photos of the best MCMs in my neighborhood and post them sometime.

  3. modernT

    That’s really cool Doug! Congrats on getting folks out to see your MCM gem. Our Rochester historical society typically has all of their houses within walking distance of each other during the home tours. I’ve been thinking of approaching them for a few years to do something “out of the box” and having a few MCM homes on their tour. I think they did have one a few years ago, but only because it was within walking distance of all the traditional homes.


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