The Meadow, Part Deux

In the spring I posted about the meadow out back, specifically how I was going to work hard to tame this ugly beast this summer. It took most of the summer, and one set of mower blades on the new lawn tractor, but I think I’m most of the way there.

Along the way we have: trimmed and pulled any shrubs and scrub-brush; cut and hauled off a large log and fallen tree; dug out the crushed stone in the middle left by the town about ten years ago; moved trailers of dirt to fill in where said crushed stone was and; in places where I felt it was thin, spread grass seed around.

Having been overgrown for the last ten years it’s a little bumpy still, but I think it will smooth out over time. The week of the wedding our families and friends and their children spent a whole weekend playing on it, so it can’t be that bad.

Here’s the before (April) and after (September):

3 thoughts on “The Meadow, Part Deux

  1. Douglas Camin Post author

    Thanks, more to do but it’s coming along nicely now. Next year I think it’s going to be really awesome.


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