Owego Home Tour

A few months ago I reached out to the new Executive Director of the Tioga County Council on the Arts here in Owego (who also runs the Aesthetic Outburst blog) and pitched an idea: Given that Mary and I have a very unique mid-century house, what if the annual Home Tour included not just classic Victorian period architecture, but started to also show some of the interesting examples of mid-century architecture as well? She thought it was a great idea, and would discuss it with the chair of the Home Tour committee.

This of course meant that I would be asked to join the Home Tour committee. (surprise, surprise.) Mary and I are no strangers to this, so it was an easy idea for us – our loft in downtown Binghamton was featured on Binghamton’s “Loft Life” walking tour for several years.

We had our first meeting for this year a few weeks ago, where I shared my idea with the committee. There were a few skeptical glances at first as most people’s ideas of these houses are small ranches, but after whipping out my phone and showing a few pictures…they were believers too. The logistics are being worked out and it’s stil a long way off, but with a little luck and some good planning, late in Fall our house will be featured as a part of Owego’s Home Tour as a special mid-century stop and we’ll feature information about the house, the neighborhood and how it all of this area of Owego came into being as part of the expansion of the town when IBM built their plant here starting in 1956. Stay tuned for more information!

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