Welcome To The Neighborhood

Two weeks ago we threw our big Retro Martini Night housewarming party. Most of our neighbors on the block stopped over and Mary and I got a chance to meet them. Our street is mostly older folks – we’re now by far the youngest folks on the block, but the next youngest couple has a very sweet young girl who is about 5 years old. She brought us a housewarming gift.


It hangs on the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To The Neighborhood

  1. Amber Rhea

    Hi Doug,
    This is so crazy! I saw your comment on Retro Renovation, on the post Kate wrote about my pink bathrooms and the new faucets I’m seeking. I clicked over here and saw that you are in Owego – that’s where my dad grew up! I have relatives who still live there and in Johnson City. My grandfather also worked at IBM and my great-aunt worked at Lockheed Martin until recently. I looked around your blog and lo and behold, your house is in the same neighborhood as my grandparents’ old house, which is on Lincolnshire Blvd. My grandparents passed away years ago but my great aunt lives in the house now. Such a small world! I wonder if our grandfathers knew each other!

  2. dougcamin Post author

    Wow – small world! That’s awesome!

    Lincolnshire is actually the next neighborhood over from us – we’re on one hill, Lincolnshire is on the adjacent one. But you can walk between the two for sure (my aunts used to growing up.) It’s always possible I may know them – the Camin side of the family has been here since the 1940s (my great uncle owned the local department store, the Owego-Murray Company) and my other grandparents (the Rynkus’s) came in 1951 to Johnson City for IBM before building and moving to Owego in 1960 for the new IBM plant – he retired in 1984. Greater Binghamton has such a wide diaspora of people, it’s always fun coming across the random connections people have to here. Who is your great Aunt, might I ask?

  3. Linda Mitrus

    Doug & Mary Grace: What a beautiful welcome from a sweet little girl! I would frame it and put it on the kitchen wall
    !!!!! Am enjoying your blog about your home!!!!!


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