1958 Construction Pictures

When you own the house your grandparents built, you get the chance to pick through all the old photos and slides that your grandparents had. When picking through these a year or so ago, I came across this set of pictures detailing the construction phases of the house. My Grandparents purchased the property to build the house in July of 1958, and construction started very shortly thereafter.

Fun Facts: They didn’t move until February 29th, 1960. Why did it take 20 months to build a house? (even then that was a long time) Because the original builder apparently skipped town and went bankrupt. So my Grandfather had to find someone who would complete the half-finished house. This took a few months because it was treated by the new builder as a “remodeling” job, not new construction.

These pictures were taken by my grandfather with a Voigtlander Bessa 6×9 camera – one that I still possess and use.

Also note in the pictures the expansive view. There were few trees because this was all farmland. You could see for many miles. That is all grown up now.

Here is a chronology of the house through the end of 1958 (all the pictures I have):

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